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Daily Motivational by Destiny Eze


Why People Don’t Feel Our Pains

Sometimes we wonder why people don’t feel our pains the way we do.

Many times we are lost as to know why we are treated in a negative manner.
There’s no one without conscience, when we hurt people we can only feign pretense or ignorance of its impact on them.

Daily REFLECTION by Inam Cyril

So many times what we do is to find every means to either to suppress our conscience or justify our actions.
Many cannot tolerate half of what they enjoy doing to others.

Many today are living with the fear of consequences of their actions against others, they know that one-day karma will surface and suffice.
Remember what we do in life, echoes in. eternity.

It’s well with your soul today.

I celebrate u👏🏻 am back and alive. So grateful and thankful.

Welcome Dear, you are always celebrated! you too can motivate others here!



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