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(Whatsapp joke) Genealogical Movement Of The Trumps’


Genealogical Movement Of The Trumps’ bY Nicholas Kristof (The New York Times.)

It reads:

In 1885, a poor, uneducated 16 years old boy arrived in our

Country from Germany at a time when immigrant where looked down on by affluent Americans.

This boy was ambitious and entrepreneurial.

And despite the languaue problem, he earned some money and then travelled up to the Klondike during the gold rush to operate a hotel that became notorious for prostitution.

he prospered, and today his grandson is President Trump

Trump is the most insulted President in the World, yet he is THE PRESIDENT of the most powerful country.

Can Anyone try this in Africa? hmmmmm well herdsmen will come after you. I LOVE TRUMP PERIOD!

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