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Daily devotional By Chilee Perpetua


To Help Someone is to put Yourself in Their Shoes

Still in the line of giving, yesterday I told us that you can give without loving but can not love without given which Christ is the perfect giver of love in John gospel chap 3:16. To give love means so much more. To help someone is to put yourself in their shoes, to feel their suffering, their grief, their sadness as your own, and to make the person see that you’re there for him/her. That you’re going to keep them from falling, and that if they fall you’re going to help pick them up. Helping someone else should be a good

Daily REFLECTION by Inam Cyril

gesture intended for another person, not ourselves. Most times in our selfishness we fail to understand the most important thing about love/given we tend to value material things than peoples lives, do you know your silence or even harsh words towards him/her kills faster than a terminal decease?
Meanwhile, you don’t just give love to people you know alone, you can also give it to other people that are strangers but need it. It’s love in the form of a helping hand, a form of support. May God give us the zeal and grace to give love even as we continue to dwell in Gods presence. Happy new working week

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