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Daily Motivational by Destiny Eze


The two days in a man’s life

There are always two days in a man’s life. A day for you and another against you.

When it’s for you, enjoy it while it last, when it comes the other way, endure it and move on.
No man on earth has ever had it all smooth all his life, some people have been able to cover their other days with smiles and hopes.

Some are never able to cope or sail through without being helped or motivated.
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So many are currently passing through untold stories, pregnant with unsaid words and may forever live with unknown secrets.

Don’t be infected with them when their lives do not match with yours…

They are probably fighting a battle that’s known to no one, same as you.

There are times, some battles are better left unfought
Remember, what we do in life, echoes in eternity.

Good morning and God bless your day.

I celebrate u👆

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