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Daily Motivational by Destiny Eze


The Servants Are Those Actually Leading

Every one of us is tasked to serve a purpose in life, either to lead or to serve.

For those who are born or chosen to lead, there’re natural and self-built requirements,… there’re society requirements.

For those who want to follow or serve, there are expected characteristics that follow.

Most times, those who are serving are actually leading and those who are leading are actually serving.

Daily REFLECTION by Inam Cyril

It’s not everyone that can lead well, some are better as supporting leaders, they see more than the kings on the throne, they can influence rightly or wrongly, they determine who walk in the corridor of power.

If you are a leader, no matter what you know and the benefit, those around you may likely benefit in your tenure than you.

Remember, every idle capacity becomes moribund with time and what we do in life echoes in eternity

Good morning and God bless your week.

I celebrate u 👏




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