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The Holy Spirit And Its Effect In Us

Like the expression in the gospel about the wind, we only hard bout God, his divinity and his Trinitarian nature but we do not see nor comprehend him.  We experience him in our daily life but we do not know his mind and ways. God is mysterious; his ways are different from ours. He is bigger than what we can imagine. We have to be in and of the spirit before we can know and comprehend him. We have to be born from above before we can see and know him. Do you feel or sense the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life and in your environment? Jesus today, offers an image of how the Holy Spirit works in us by analyzing the wind and its nature.  We can only hear the wind blowing but cannot see it. We perceive its effects only when you see a tree swaying or it blows on us the air. So it is with the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The Spirit comes to us from an unknown source.  We may not perceive nor see it but we see its effects in and around us when we perceive a new strength within us, an increase in virtues, or ability to forgive, etc. The Holy Spirit leads, transforms and guide us. We do not know where the wind goes once it passes.  The same is the Holy Spirit.  When we are under the power, influence, and care of the Holy Spirit, we do not know where we are led to.  The Holy Spirit leads us at the moment but does not reveal our whole future.  It does that bit by bit. May we be contented with the daily presence and leading of God in our lives and allow ourselves to be moved here and there by him through Christ our Lord Amen. “YOU ARE THE LIGHT”




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