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Daily REFLECTION by Inam Cyril


The Beatitudes: A Way Of Life

Today we celebrate the memorial of Saint Barnabas, a native of Cyprus and formerly called Joseph. He was an apostle of Christ. He was conversion to faith shortly after Pentecost. Barnabas gave up his possessions and follow Christ. He received the name “Barnabas” because of his helpful and optimistic nature and life. Barnabas mean “son of consolation.” According to tradition, he assisted Paul in his ministry and was martyred in Cyprus in the 60s. In this way, his life and attitude explains today’s gospel. The gospel points out the new way of life, the beatitudes and its rewards. It is a good spiritual practice and it rewards and effects are enormous. We are to love and desire it and allow its rewards to grow in us. It is a good practice, especially when one struggles with a habitual sin.  As this is done, sin gives way to righteousness. As we ponder the fruits of the Beatitudes, we are to be convinced and desire them deeply. This is good and healthy for our Christian living, interaction and dealings. Inserting the beatitude into our desire will make and enable us to understand and believe that the beatitude is good and desirous in life. May we be humble, meek, pure of heart, merciful, peacemakers and accepts any persecution that comes our way with joy  and happiness for the sake of God’s kingdom and our salvation through Christ our Lord, Amen. “YOU ARE THE LIGHT”





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