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If you are just a subscriber….You are welcome. feel free to enjoy the social site/mobile app

finding new and genuine friends. But if you are a Preacher/ Presenter and would like

to subscribe for/as a Group Moderator, then this guides written below is for you.


  1. You must be a Priest (theologian), a Pastor, a Preacher of an “established / recognized” Church (body of Christ).This is with the exception of Preachers who are widely known and accepted by Christians but may not own a particular or localized church.
  2. Make sure your content is original of you and the bible or other quoted sources.
  3. Do not, and where you must call people’s name while preaching, watch2chat will not be liable for any “malicious” statement against any person mention, by any preacher as in accordance with the law against character assassination
  4. Your preaching should be made short and of purpose, meaning that it should carry the message of Christ ,short and simple
  5. You are expected to load for publication Christ’s message not more than 15 (ten) megabyte, which presupposes your preaching timing is between 5-7 minutes maximum.
  6. A short passage could be read. O R  You may star straight to preach after introducing the scriptural passage. Your good message will definitely influence a listener to consult the passages quoted.
  7. Remember to always quote the day’s date as part of your introduction with salutation.
  8. There should be no form of religious adverts or publication. For Any advert placement, watch2chat management must be notified as all forms of advert, announcement, publicity of crusade etc attracts fees.
  9. Try as much as possible to be audible enough.
  10. A digital camera, smart phone or any audio-visual devise can be used for the short video. You don’t need to be a professional (no competition here). A preacher may shoot in front of a black, white, blue clothes/background or even by a wall. all is needed is a “clear” and audible word of God.
  11. All preachers must appear smart and clean. the color of your outfit must be different from the color of your desired background for the sake of sharp contrast and visibility!
  12. The choice of your outfit depends on you (the preachers choice).
  13. This is not a platform to advertise church, preachers, miracles and works… here is to advertise Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone.


Violation of any of these rules will attract some penalties.