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Daily REFLECTION by Inam Cyril


No Room For Pride

The attitude of self-pride and righteousness are showcased today in the gospel. Pride is a dangerous disease to man’s existence. It comes before a fall. Pride is a sense of one’s own worth, lofty self-respect, noble self-esteem, elevation of character and dignified bearing. Pride intoxicates and distorts our sense of reasoning and understanding. It makes us judge and condemned others but glorified ourselves. It makes us be fools of the highest order and blind us against the truth. There is no room for pride in God. With pride, we fall but with humility we rise, we glory. The Pharisee and the tax collector went to pray in the temple. The tax collector’s prayer was heard and answered by God but the Pharisee’s was not. The scripture contrasts the Pharisee’s self-righteousness with the humility of the tax collector. The Pharisee claimed righteousness and spoke about his goodness. Do you exhibit such character and attitude? Is this parable addressed to you?  Do you carry the burden of self-righteousness? The tax collector was truthful, humble and sincere to himself.  He cried out, “Oh God, be merciful to me a sinner.”  This was a humble prayer; he went home justified.  It is hard to arrive at humility but easy to fall into the trap of self-justification, becoming defensive and self-absorbed. Pride disappears only when we understand God’s mercy. Understanding God’s mercy frees and enables us to set aside self-righteousness and self-justification, frees us from being defensive, enables us in the light of truth to acknowledge our sin and discard pride. Humility attracts and wins the hearts of others, inspires and produces peace and joy in our hearts. May we learn to admit our sin and ask for forgiveness and mercy from God through Christ our Lord, Amen. “YOU ARE THE LIGHT”




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