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Man Prefers Darkness To Light

I remember my primary school days how we use to recite this portion of the scripture. John 3: 16 is a very popular and well known scriptural text even to children in nursery schools. God so love the world that he sent his son as light to the world but men rejected him and prefer darkness. We preferred sins than freedom from sin. What a strange thing to be so true. Darkness is associated with evil while light with goodness, truthfulness, faithfulness etc. Jesus is the Light that dispels all darkness. Why do we prefer darkness to light? We read every day in newspapers and other social media of murder, evil, atrocities or scandals etc.  This sells because we are evil and drawn to darkness than light. The darkness of evil fronting and centering our activities and existence indicates our fallen human nature. We are drawn into the mud by our desires, evil and wicked act. What is it that draws you into the mud? Are you happy to be in the mud? Certainly, there is some degree of force, a pull toward disorder, sin and darkness; an interior conflict, a fight between good and evil, light and darkness. The awareness and identifying our fallen human tendencies will help us shed all interest in the chaos and evil around us. We are to let ourselves drawn into the light of Christ and not to be attracted by those things that brighten our day. We are to be drawn to the many ways God is present and active in the world. Our passion and desires are to be drawn ultimately to Christ as the light of our light. As Christ faithful, may we keep our eyes on Christ alone and penetrate the darkness with faith and be attracted to and drawn toward Christ, in Jesus name, Amen. “YOU ARE THE LIGHT”




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