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Linda ikeji is Pregnant


Linda Ikeji is Pregnant

Did you guys read the title of this post? ought to I write it again? Buckeye State God, I can’t breath…lol. thus let Maine say that again…I, Linda Ikeji, goes to be a mum. someone, please pinch me! Gosh, I can’t endure it.


2018 started with Maine checking out i used to be pregnant. after I incomprehensible my amount and my friend and that i did a home bioassay and it scan positive, my friend began to cry gayly, however, i used to be simply there observing the stick like, you’re not Mainessing with me, {are|ar|area unit|square Maineasure} you? this can be real and not a joke on me, right? I refused to believe it and asked my friend to drive Maine to a research laboratory for an additional take a look at. And there it absolutely was confirmed, i used to be pregnant. Me, Linda, i’m getting to have my very own kid. Please don’t wake Maine up from this pretty dream..lol

So many girls have had youngsters, thus what’s the large deal, huh? Lol. Well, you see me, I’m somewhat of a special case. There’s one thing concerning Maine that I actually have ne’er talked concerning publically before and that’s the very fact that i like youngsters most (I took that from my dad), and that i am significantly dependent on babies, and that i mean that virtually. Their condition, innocence, very little lovely faces, little hands and soft cheeks build Maine simply wish to be around them.

I grew up in an exceedingly compound with plenty of neighbors and believe it or not, as a teenager/young girl, i used to be the unofficial resident sitter. I swear, raise my siblings. I virtually carried all the new born babies born therein compound at a amount of your time till they grew up to a particular age. Their mums accustomed come back drop the babies at our house whenever they were tired or needed to travel out, this was, of course, to the annoyance of my family…lol.

The first baby I carried was a boy named Makoba (wonder wherever he’s currently, this was concerning twenty years past, he are a giant boy now). From the primary day I carried him, I didn’t wish to let him go…so whenever I had free time, and his mum hadn’t brought him to Maine, i might walk 2 floors up, play his family’s door and raise them if they needed Maine to require the kid off them for a short time. i used to be forever happy once they aforesaid affirmative. when him different mums started dropping their youngsters with Maine.

Back then my sisters and that i accustomed alternate to cook on a daily basis of the week. thus whenever it absolutely was my intercommunicate cook and that i was tending and that they insisted i am going cook, I’d tell my sisters to either hold the baby on behalf of me thus I may go cook or they are going cook. They forever selected the latter. Lol.

Then my siblings started having youngsters and that i began to feel additional joy. These were not neighbors’ or friends’ youngsters, these were my nephews and nieces. My family! And carrying them brought Maine even additional joy. Like for instance, whenever I see my sister Laura’s son, Ryan, I shriek gayly. He’s the love of my life…lol. If i used to be attending to exit and that i detected my lovely nephews and kinswoman were coming back over to the house, most times, i alter plans and simply keep home with them. I’m a adult, i prefer to remain home (that’s why I bought a giant house…lol).

So currently imagine that in an exceedingly few months, i will be able to look down at a baby, and it won’t be a neighbor’s kid, a friend’s kid, a sister’s kid, however my very own kid, my very own flesh and blood, carried in my female internal reproductive organ. My own son. It’s surreal. I can’t endure it.

You guys assume DJ Khaled is dependent on his son, Asahd? Wait till this one gets here. He’s not even here however and that i already ordered a Bentley Mulsanne for U.S.A.. I swear! Lol. Like, I can’t keep calm. Buckeye State and please, nannies, keep one’s distance from Maine. I’ve got this covered! thanks. Lol.

Sometimes once I’m lying down and that i feel him on the move within Maine (he’s thus hyper already, perpetually moving around…lol), I simply rise and cradle my tummy and smile. Lol. I will’t sit up for these months to travel by thus I can meet him. my very own son!

Dear son, of each dream I actually have had, each action, each milestone, out of all my accomplishments and titles, all the money and worldly possession I actually have, nothing compares to you. you’re my greatest blessing, my gift from heaven, my greatest dream completed. i like you quite life itself and that i can’t wait to fulfill you and provides you such a big amount of kisses. And in fact, spoil you! you may hear ‘I love you’ loud and clear such a big amount of times, you may beg Maine to prevent. i can not wait to carry you in my arms. .

I know I’m getting to be the simplest mum ever! i used to be born for this and that i am finally ready! And currently i need to try and do additional, come through additional, thus lil man are happy with his mama.

Considering what proportion i like youngsters, generally i ponder why I didn’t have them earlier. however like my pa aforesaid, miracles like this finally happen once God is prepared to share you.

Anyway, as you all understand, I’ve forever shared each milestone, each sensible issue that’s happened to Maine over the years with you guys and that i positively needed to additionally share this joy with you. I’ve been desperate to scream concerning this since I known several months past however my family and friends are telling Maine to ‘calm down Linda, calm down’…lol. I’m currently approaching into my trimester, thus i suppose it’s okay to share my joy.

May God grant you what you want the foremost and should all of your dreams come back true.

Oh, by the way, I’ll be having a baby shower in an exceedingly few weeks and that i will certainly love for a few of you superb, loyal feminine readers to return celebrate with Maine. can communicate once the time comes.

Plenty kisses and God bless


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Kisses guys!


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