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Daily devotional By Chilee Perpetua


Grace, A Divine Enablement That Empowers A Man

I want us to talk about a supernatural force called GRACE! Grace is a gift from God. Grace has been defined as unmerited favour. It is a divine enablement that empowers a man to go beyond the ordinary and achieve the impossible. When grace is at work in a man’s life, expectations are surpassed, limitations are set aside, boundaries are crossed, mountains are surmounted, struggles become a thing of the past and all things work together for good!

Daily REFLECTION by Inam Cyril

Nothing can be compared with the grace of God! No one can succeed or make it through the journey of life without a measure of God’s grace. I pray for all my readers that the grace of God that overlook protocols will be your portion in Jesus name! Amen. Keep dwelling in His presence. God bless you
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