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Daily REFLECTION by Inam Cyril


God’s Love For Humanity

Today’s gospel appears simple and interesting but demanding. It is the summary or the explanation of the entire gospel. I remember in my primary school days that Jn. 3:16 was one of the popular bible quotations use as rhyme. I was so fascinated to it because I felt it was simple and romantic, though I did not understand the meaning of it. Today, this scriptural passage is being used generally in variously ways and in different places: in sports, games, meetings and social gathering etc. The reason is that this gospel offers a simple revelation of God’s love to humanity. God’s love is perfect and simple to the humble of heart. The four basic truth about today’s gospel is that God loves us, God’s love was manifested in his son Jesus, we must accept Jesus into our lives, and we are save in and by Jesus. God the Father loves us with a profound and perfect love; a love that is deeper than anything else in life. We must see this gift as a gift that gives us all we need.  We must accept Jesus into our lives by believing in His mission, and give our lives to Him in return. Believing in the Jesus will give us eternal life rather condemnation.  There is no other way to salvation except through Jesus.  The Son meant everything to the Father. The gift of Jesus to us means and shows that God gave us everything.  He gave us his life in the Person of Jesus. We must know, believe, accept and embrace this truth. In this Lent, how do you show and share God’s love with others in your family, community, school, and place? As God has given us his heart and soul through Jesus, may we be open to him and to the perfect gift of Jesus in our life through Christ our Lord, Amen. “YOU ARE THE LIGHT”




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