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Daily REFLECTION by Inam Cyril


Go, Sin No More

To be in sin is the greatest thing that can happen to us in a relationship with God. Sin, physically and spiritually affect our relationship with God, even with our fellow man. It paralyzes and separates us from God and men. It makes us miserable, helpless and hopeless. Sin has grave consequences on our lives. In the olden days, physical paralysis was taken to be consequences of sin committed. When we sin we “paralyze” ourselves; unable to walk in the ways of God.  Sin traps us and unable to care for our own spiritual lives and needs. It hinders our abilities, strips us of energy, leaves us spiritually crippled, and renders us powerless to love and live in true freedom as God’s children. The consequences of sin are negation. The man Jesus healed was paralyzed, unable to walk and take care of himself. He was neglected by others as he sat there by the pool, hoping for kindness and attention.  Jesus saw him, gave him attention, cured him and asked him to rise and walk. This is our story and situation when we sin. Jesus did not heal the paralyzed man for his own good alone but for us to see the consequences of sin. With and in sin, we are broken vessel before God. Jesus is the answer, the healing remedy to our sinful nature. In him alone is our source of help, healing, and salvation. We need Jesus to put us in the pool, cleanse us, forgive us our sin, and make us whole and holy again. May we welcome Jesus into our lives and listen to him speak words of healing and freedom telling us “rise up and walk” through Christ our Lord, Amen. “YOU ARE THE LIGHT”




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