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Daily devotional By Chilee Perpetua


Do Not Avert Your Eye From The Needy

Do not avert your eye from the needy; and give no one reason to course you, for if in the bitterness of soul some should course you, their creator will hear their prayer Sirach 3:5-6
As much as we are waiting for the manifestation of Gods blessing/favour in this February, there are things/steps we have to take so that these blessings will not elude us, in today’s reading taken care of the needy or let’s say the poor is important, don’t avert your eye from the needy (that is turning away from


the needy) try as much as possible to give out the poor, not just beggars on the street or less privileged homes, but anyone that needs help (genuine help) in your home, churches, in your place of work, etc, also don’t make them remember their conditions and cry to God so as not to attract course for yourself, it is written that God will hear their prayers. As you worship God today ask Him for the spirit of giving when I say given I mean in all angles, knowledge, material, finance, spiritual (using your gift to save and serve humanity) etc and God will bless you through Christ our Lord Amen, keep dwelling in His presence. Happy new week!

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