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Daily devotional By Chilee Perpetua


Benefits of Walking in The Spirit

Today we talk about the benefits of walking in the Spirit, there are so many benefits but I will talk on few.
1: Walking in the newness of life absolute freedom from the law of sin and death. Romans 6:4
2:  Visible growth in Christ Jesus, you refocus on Jesus through the grace. Romans 3:24
3; Guaranteed life and peace when you are spiritually minded. Romans 8:6
4: There is a noticeable and remarkable change in your language. Your language is reprogrammed to express the victory and the gift of God which is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord rather than the failure you are likely to experience in the flesh. Romans 8:3

Daily REFLECTION by Inam Cyril

5.  Walking after the Spirit redefines how we express love and delights in truth no matter our circumstances.
6: There is an inner connection and commitment in fellowship and association with the Holy Spirit which reinforces and validates our confidence in God who is in charge of our future
7: There is a blessed union, The Holy Spirit is in us and we are in Him. Our body is the temple (a sacred citadel) of God, His Spirit dwells in us
8:  There is a new quickness and sharpness of recognition and consciousness in us, we are conscious of the things we do and the things we say is an increased sensitivity to sin. The word of God becomes clearer and much more alive to us even the hidden things are revealed in a way for our understanding and benefit. Keep dwelling in His presence and have a blessed day




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