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Daily REFLECTION by Inam Cyril


A Perfect Love And Self-giving

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. “But when they came to Jesus and saw that he was already dead, they did not break his legs, but one soldier thrust his lance into his side, and immediately blood and water flowed out.” John 19:33-34. Today the church celebrates the solemnity of the most sacred heart of Jesus. To some this feast is old and outdated, however, it is one of the ancient feasts that still have meaning in our lives today. It is a feast we need to know, meditate, experience and receive in our lives the sacred heart of Jesus, a heart of perfect love and self-giving, a heart that was pierced by a lance and blood and water flowed out for our sake. This pierced heart is the sign, symbol, and source of the burning love of his very soul. The blood is an image of the Most Holy Eucharist as the water is an image of the cleansing waters of Baptism. This celebration reveals the pouring out of Jesus’ whole life and love for humanity. Jesus held nothing back to himself. This is symbolized by the pouring forth of the last drop of blood and water from his heart on the Cross. Jesus continues to give us everything as we are willing to receive it. May the last self-giving of Jesus, the water and blood that flowed from his wounded heart transform and make us acceptable to God, through Christ our Lord, Amen. “YOU ARE THE LIGHT” Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.



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